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My name is Nisrine. I am the owner of Le Hammam Medi spa in Oakville, a fully licensed Home-based Medispa specializing in Skincare and professional medical grade treatments such as microdermabrasion, acid free peel, micronnedling… etc.

In 2014, I graduated as Medical Aesthetician from the Canadian Beauty College in Mississauga.

As a newly graduated mother of two young children, I found it very difficult to start a full-time job while my kids still needed my full time dedication. I was also not very comfortable with the contract conditions that spa managers place on aestheticians especially when it comes to meeting sales targets such as selling a certain quantity of products per day or booking a number of client treatments per day.

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My main focus and goal at Le Hammam Medi spa in Oakville is to always do my best in helping my clients overcome their skin condition, whether it is rosacea, acne, or hyper pigmentation, dryness, aging…etc.

Every First appointment at Le Hammam Medi spa in Oakville, I starts with a thorough consultation to evaluate client’s skin condition and determine the customized treatment protocol that will meet each client’s needs and objectives.

Sometimes it happens that a client might experience 2 skin conditions simultaneously for example hyper pigmentation and acne. In such cases and as a medical aesthetician at Le Hammam Medi spa in Oakville, I will treat both conditions at the same time whenever it is technically possible. By doing so, I strive to optimize my client’s time and resources and I believe that doing what is best for my clients is an absolute must. After all, why recommend 2 separate sessions when one can be sufficient. I also never put pressure on my clients to purchase certain products. I rather focus on providing a 100% professional opinion on product recommendations and I leave the choice to my clients.

My best reward and ultimate satisfaction is my clients’ satisfaction with the services I offer. That is why I always look for my clients’ feedback and when someone says: “Thank you, Nisrine, my skin feels so good and I noticed a difference already from my first treatment”, it makes me very happy and makes my heart happy of course.

At Le Hammam MediSpa in Oakville, I use medical grade skincare products like Osmosis Skin Care. Osmosis skincare product line is very high quality and oncology-friendly.

Numerous researches have shown that many cosmetic products contain harmful ingredients; Chemicals, reproductive toxins and carcinogens to name a few.

As one of my clients you can be assured and confident that the products you will be using for your skin and beauty are safe and free from harmful ingredients.

You can also have more information about Osmosis products at the following link www.osmosisskincare.com

My services range from providing skincare treatments and recommending skincare products, suitable for each client, to education and instruction on how take care of your skin.

I strive everyday to make my clients feel comfortable in their own skin and to leave my spa with the best experience.

You deserve the most radiating confidence and beauty, so please visit me at Le Hammam MediSpa in Oakville and I promise a wonderful and unique experience.


Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

246 Ellen Davidson Dr
Oakville, ON

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