When it comes to minimally invasive treatments,

Micro-needling Collagen Induction therapy with the eDermaStamp is clinically proven and is perhaps the successful treatment available for the common signs and symptoms of aging of skin such as wrinkles, loss of skin volume, and crepey skin



As these skin cells are regulated and produced, the damaged skin is replaced by new,

with healthy skin:

  • Restored structural integrity
  • Improved texture
  • Thicker skin layers
  • Reduced pore size
  • Improved immunization
  • Improved elasticity
  • Even pigments
  • Improved appearance of scars
  • Improved appearance of stretch marks
  • Reduces risk of non-melanoma skin cancer

*Promotes hair growth when using compliment products

*Promotes hair growth when using compliment products

When done right, micro-needling is of the most well-tolerated anti-aging treatments available. However, risks do exist:

Infections/Cellulitis – viral, bacterial, and fungal infections can occur anytime the integrity of the skin is compromised.


Pigment Change – failure to follow post treatment instructions can raise the risk for hyperpigmentation. You must  avoid excessive sun exposure for 1 to 2 weeks after a micro-needling treatment. Do not apply sunscreen for 48 hours  post treatment. After the skin has calmed down begin to wear a daily SPF facial moisturizer.


Scarring – abnormal scars may appear. To minimize the risk, Avoid picking or peeling the skin during healing period. It  is important to check that the client is not prone to Keloid scarring because thickened or keloid scars may result.

Pain – slight burning, scratchy and irritated sensation. This is usually temporary and is gone within a few hours after  treatment. A sudden reappearance of redness or pain is a sign of infection and the client should notify their clinic  immediately.


Persistent Redness, Itching, and/or Swelling – these are normal symptoms that rarely persists longer than 24 hours.  Treatments received less than 4 weeks apart may induce prolonged symptoms.

Allergic Reaction/Granulomas – micro-needling increases penetration of topical substances, therefore may cause  hypersensitivity to products. Minimize the risk by using topicals made for micro-needling (broken skin barriers)

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