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Organic Body Sugaring

At Le Hammam MediSpa in Oakville, we offer services with only high quality products (Natural and free of chemicals) that do not harm the skin. This is the reason why we offer body Sugaring instead of waxing to optimize health benefits and significantly reduce the risk of ingrown (since the hair is removed in the same natural direction of its growth).


Sugar vs Wax. Is there a difference?

Yes and quite a bit actually…


Sugaring has some amazing benefits compared to waxing:

  • Earth-friendly, using very few resources, creating far less waste while saving trees!
  • Adheres only to dead skin cells and will not stick to live skin cells due to their water content.
  • Less painful than waxing. In fact sugar contains lemon juice and glycolic acid, lubricates and softens as it seeps into the follicle; you then remove the hair in its natural growth direction which also reduces pain.
  • Will diminish ingrown hairs as it follows the natural direction of hair growth. Also will not warp or tear the follicles, which can cause recurring ingrowns.
  • Sugaring is a great exfoliating treatment for the skin!
  • Water soluble, cleans up fast and easy with warm or hot water.
  • Does not burn the skin because it is not heated (for cold sugaring applications).



  • Often contains: dyes, synthetic toxic fragrances, non-biodegradable, plastic (polymer), irritants and harsh preservatives.
  • Adheres to live skin cells, pine resin/rosins are sap which sticks sometimes to live skin cells
  • Often breaks a small percentage of hair while sugaring offers virtually no breakage.!
  • More painful and has the potential to do more damage to connective tissue.
  • Very difficult to clean up.
  • Greater chance of ingrown hair due to follicle warping or tearing, toxic ingredients, dyes, fragrances, and hair breakage.